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JANUARY 17, 2006

The Decatur County Council held their January 17th meeting with the following present: Ernest Gauck- President, Rheadawn Metz, Tom Carroll, Geneva Hunt, Al Knecht, Rose Hellmich, Kenny Owens and Sylvia England- Deputy Auditor.

Rheadawn Metz moved and Al Knecht seconded the motion to approve the December 20th meeting minutes. Motion carried.

David Neuman, Director, Area Plan and Kathy Reynolds, City Area Plan Commission, came before the Council to inform and update the Council of the Comprehensive Plan that they are working on together. The last Comprehensive plan was done in 1996 with only the County included. They will be looking at the housing, utilities, in both the City and the County and looking at the agriculture for the County. Mr. Neuman stated that the Comprehensive Plan they would like to implement will be the backbone of the City and the County. They will be looking five (5) to (10) years ahead. Ms. Reynolds and Mr. Neuman stated that they wanted to work with HOTT city economic development. 
Kathy Reynolds stated they have received an economic development grant. The City of Greensburg received the grant but the county did not qualify. Kathy Reynolds stated that she would like to get the Plan in motion including the outlying towns. 
Al Knecht had been to an Area Plan meeting and asked Mr. Neuman and Ms. Reynolds to come before the Council and explain the Comprehensive Plan. Right now the cost of the Comprehensive Plan study is not known. Ms. Reynolds stated that it is according to how big you want the study to be. Ernie Gauck asked how much the County will fund. Kathy Reynolds stated that they should look for at least ½ of the cost. Ernie Gauck said that they will need to know a price before they will commit on anything. 

Bill Meyerrose, Greensburg Chief of Police, requested to add a new account in the Sheriff’s Budget for a donation from the CAC (Community Action Coalition) account in the amount of $1,500.00. This money will be used for a blood test that either the Sheriff’s department or the City Police department can use if they need to take a prisoner out to the hospital for this test. Kenny Owens made a motion to add this account. Tom Carroll seconded. Motion carried. This money will be carried over every year, as each blood test cost around $65.00 and they do not do enough in one year to use the total amount. 

The Council received notification from the Auditor’s Office that the Decatur County Hospital had not received their payment in October 2003. Ms. Chadwell explained that the Hospital sends a claim for the money and the Auditor’s office sends the Hospital their check. Since the Auditor’s office did not receive a claim for the money, it was not paid. Al Knecht said he would like someone from the Hospital to come before the Council on this problem. The Council asked that a letter be sent to the hospital asking someone to explain why a claim was not submitted and why it was not found until 3 years later. 

The Council discussed the money coming from the Riverboat money in Lawrenceburg. Ernie Gauck stated that maybe the Council should put a hold on the Washington School money. Mr. Carroll stated we should leave the Washington School money alone and wait until we receive the money to figure out what to do with it. 

The Council discussed the Office of Family and Children money that Ms. Eggleston is asking the Council to reduce the budget $107,500.00 for 2006. Wayne Hudson, with the DLGF recommended that a resolution be done. Geneva Hunt made the motion to approve the resolution. Rheadawn Metz seconded. A vote was requested. It passed with a 6 to 0 vote. Motion carried. 

Robin Nobbe, Decatur County Assessor, requested a transfer in her Reassessment Fund to pay for the part-time position for the township Assessors so that they can get their updates finished. Kenny Owens asked how long this would take. Robin Nobbe stated that they could be as many as 3600 forms to fill out for the update. This could take as long as four (4) months, not including Washington Township. Dorene Greiwe, Deputy Assessor stated that the State of Indiana wants the 2003 update as soon as possible. If the Township Assessors have to do these the Personal Property and the Mobile Homes will be put on the back burner so they can do this for the State. Ernie Gauck would like to see in a month what has been done and where they are with this project. The Council asked Robin Nobbe to report back to them on the progress of the update. 

Carol Beck, Health Department, requested that Teresa Vanderbur, Office Secretary for the Health Department be brought up to the salary of a Deputy in the courthouse. This would be an additional in the amount of $797.00, bringing Ms. Vanderbur’s salary to $23,024.00. This raise will be retroactive to January 1, 2006. The Council told her she would have to do an additional and turn it in at the Auditor’s Office before the next meeting in February. 

TRANSFER TO: OFFICE MACHINES 0101-011-4000-42 260.00

TRANSFER TO: ELEVATOR MAINT CT 0101-161-3000-12 92.00

TRANSFER FROM: PLAT MAPS 0123-000-3000.91 
TRANSFER TO: PART-TIME 0123-000-1000-02 15,000.00

TRANSFER FROM: CASH 0526-000-01010-00 
TRANSFER TO: CUM CAP- WASH SCHOOL 2391-000-4000-12 200,000.00

TRANSFER FROM: CASH 4601-000-01010-00 
TRANSFER TO: CUM CAP- WASH SCHOOL 2391-000-4000-12 220,000.00

TRANSFER FROM: CASH 2414-000-01010-00
TRANSFER TO: CUM CAP-WASH SCHOOL 2391-000-4000-12 120,000.00

TRANSFER FROM: CASH 9993-000-01010-00
TRANSFER TO: CUM CAP- WASH SCHOOL 2391-000-4000-12 100,000.00

TRANSFER TO: CELL PHONE 1159-000-3000-41 600.00

4-D Child Support 0101-660-1000-04 7,454.00
Decatur County Highway Bridge Additionals 160,000.00

Kenny Owens moved to approve the additionals and transfers. Rose Hellmich seconded. Motion carried.

With nothing further to come before the Council, Rose Hellmich moved to adjourn and Al Knecht seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned.
Ernest Gauck, President

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