April 20, 2010

The Decatur County Council opened their April 20, 2010 meeting with the following present; Larry Meyer, Rheadawn Metz, Geneva Hunt, Rose Hellmich, Kenneth Hooten and Kenny Owens.

Mrs. Hunt moved to approve the March minutes as read, Mrs. Metz seconded, motion carried.

Miranda Maxwell – Eco15 Coordinator provided an update with Eco and EDC. Ms. Maxwell reported that KB Foods will be laying off approximately 50 people as the bakery line will be moving to Bowling Green, Kentucky. EDC and Eco will be coordinating job acquiring training classes for the employees at KB and other industry.

Jerome Buening – President of the County Commissioners provided an update of happenings here in the county. A chiller system was replaced at the Courthouse costing $155,500 for system and labor. An engineering firm provided a quote to change the pneumatics in the courthouse to an electronic, web based system. Ambulance funding was also discussed. It has been 3 years since the last ambulance was purchased. The Commissioners are looking at the possibility of buying chassis and box that can separate so that they can be interchangeable when only one or the other is non-operable. County Bridges that have been in the state’s system for rehab were also discussed. There is a possibility to purchase additional acreage near the highway garage and it could be used to stage the bridge parts until moved, sold or reconstructed.

With no further business to come before the Council, Mrs. Hellmich made a motion to adjourn, Mr Hooten seconded, meeting adjourned.

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