Budget Hearings
August 17, 2010

The Decatur County Council held their August 17, 2010 budget hearings with the following present; Ernest Gauck, President, Larry Meyer, Rheadawn Metz, Geneva Hunt, Rose Hellmich, Kenneth Hooten and Kenny Owens.

Departments presented budget proposals as follows:

Dan Wilson Extension Office 
Judge Matt Bailey Superior Court
Rueben Kissell Soil & Water
Robert Barker - Park & Rec
Commissioners Jerome Buening
Tim Ortman - GIS 
Mark Mohr - Highway 
Carol Beck & Cindy Marley - Health
Sheriff Daryl Templeton - Sheriff/Jail/E911
Michelle Sweet - Animal Control
Doug Banks - Coroner
Hugh Miller EMA
William O Smith - Prosecutor/4-D
Melanie Maxwell - Tourism

Mr. Hooten moved to make no changes to the following non-binding taxing unit budgets:
Adams Township, Clay Township, Clinton Township, Fugit Township, Jackson Township, Marion Township, Saltcreek Township, Sandcreek Township, Washington Township, Town of Millhousen, Town of New Point, Town of Westport, Town of St Paul, City of Greensburg, Greensburg Public Library and the Decatur County Contractual Library.
Mrs. Metz seconded the motion, motion carries.

After hearing departments make presentations for 2011 it was decided to continue this meeting and make necessary cuts to respective budgets.

Frank Cummings recommended adopting 2011 general fund budget at $7.2 million or 1% over 2010 approved budget. This would result in a cut of $175,000. 

Mr. Gauck asked council members to vote on a salary increase for elected officials and full-time employees. After averaging votes the elected officials increase will be $500.00 and full-time employees $400.00; making part-time a $200 increase or $10.00 per hour. Mrs. Hellmich moved to approve the Prosecutor Investigator salary at $12,025.00 making it the $200.00 increase, Mrs. Hunt seconded the motion, motion carried.

After review of each of the general fund budgets and cuts were made below recommendations; Mr. Owens moved to increase Commissioners Plans & Implementations appropriation to $375,000, Mrs. Hunt seconded the motion, motion carried.

The public hearing will be held on August 27th 2010 at 9:00am.

Ernest J Gauck, President

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