October 19, 2010

The Decatur County Council opened their October 19, 2010 meeting with the following present; Ernest Gauck, President, Larry Meyer, Geneva Hunt, Rose Hellmich, and Kenny Owens.

Mr. Owens moved to approve the September Meeting Minutes and Mrs. Hunt seconded motion, motioned carried.

Tami Wenning Assessor presented information to Council Members about purchasing new software for Assessing Real, Personal, Mobile Homes and obtaining Sales Disclosure Information for property. Ms. Wenning has taken a look at the budget in Reassessment and has enough funding for the purchase and maintenance of this software. She will be in contact with the current company to cancel the contract with them by the end of the year. Council Members agreed to the purchase of the new Xsoft Software.

Mr. Meyer reported that he has not spoken with Frank Cummings to do the E911 Audit but has spoken with the Mayor to see if he and the City Council would be in agreement to a central dispatch system. Further discussion with the city officials will take place before additional research is done.

Rick Nobbe discussed the possibilities of revising the current personnel policy. Mr. Nobbe asked if someone from the council would be willing to serve on a committee to make possible changes and meet with a consulting company to administer the changes. Mr. Gauck indicated that he would like to wait until all members were present before nominating someone to the committee.

With no further business to come before the Council, Mrs. Hellmich made a motion to adjourn, Mr. Owens seconded, meeting adjourned. 

Ernest J Gauck, President

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