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Decatur County Treasurer
Mary Vail, Treasurer

150 Courthouse Square, Suite 138
Greensburg, Indiana 47240

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mon-

Ph: 812-663-4190
E-mail:  treasurer@decaturcounty.in.gov


Important Notice:

The tax bills for the tax year 2015 payable 2016 will be mailed the week of April 9, 2016.

Due Dates
for this year (2015 payable 2016) are as follows
- 1st installment: May 12, 2016; 2nd installment: November 10, 2016

If you wish to view your property details, including the amount you will owe for this year, please go to the main Decatur County web page and choose the option, "Property Tax Lookup".  This option is located on the left side of the page right below the weather option.

Payments may be made:

  At the Treasurer's Office using cash or check.

By mail:

Decatur County Treasurer
P.O. Box 409
Greensburg, IN  47240

At the drop box on the north side of the Courthouse.

  At Mainsource Bank and branches using cash or check.

  Online with a credit card at www.decaturtax.net

  By calling 1-800-809-5849 and using your credit card.

Taxpayers who pay by mail, drop box or Mainsource Bank must include a copy of their tax statement with the payment.  If they wish to receive a receipt they must include a pre-addressed stamped envelope.

Office Created: The Office of treasurer is a constitutional office. The Constitution of Indiana and Indiana statutory law provide for the election of a treasurer in each county of the state at the time holding general elections. (Article 6, Section 2, Indiana Constitution)

Term of Office: The term of office is fixed at four year and no person is eligible to the office of treasurer more than eight years in any period in twelve years.

Qualifications: No person shall be elected or appointed as a treasurer who is not an elector of the county, not who has been an inhabitant thereof, during one year next preceding appointment.

Each treasurer must reside within his/her respective county and shall keep his/her respective office at such place therein, and perform such duties as directed by law.


1. The Treasurer is the custodian of all money belonging to the County.

2. Billing and Collections of Property taxes (Real Estate, Personal and Mobile Homes).

3. Taxes involved in Bankruptcy

4. Collection of Inheritance Tax

5. Innkeeper Tax

6. Issuance of tax clearance for alcoholic beverage permits.

7. Transfer for Mobile Homes.

8. Investment of funds.

9. Conduct Annual Tax Sale pursuant to Indiana Statute I.C. 6-1:1-24. Properties for Tax Sale will be certified on July 1st of each year. Tax Sale date will be purlished in Newspaper.

10. Search and collect delinquent taxes of public employees.

11. Send Demand Notices on Personal Property


Payment Methods: Spring Payment detach A copy and return your spring payment by the due date . Return both A and B when paying the full year.

Paying in person bring your statement with you.

To receive a receipt for payment enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Make checks payable to Decatur County Treasurer and mail to:

   Decatur County Treasurer
   150 Courthouse Square Suite 138
   Greensburg, IN 47240

Failure to receive a tax statement by mail does not relieve the taxpayer of the responsibility for payment and penalties and delinquent fees.

Frequently asked questions:

   Payment of Bill - Call Decatur County Treasurer 812-663-4190

   Exemptions and Change of Address Decatur County Auditor 812-663-2570

   Assessed Valuation Decatur County Assessor 812-663-4868


Spring Installments are normally due on May 10th of each year and the fall installment is normally due on November 10th.  The State of Indiana sends Decatur County the information needed to prepare the property and real estate tax bills.  Unfortunately, in recent years, the State of Indiana has been very slow in sending that information to the Decatur County Treasurer. 
Once the information is received at the Treasurer's office, the tax bills are prepared and mailed to the taxpayers.  The due dates are listed on the tax bills.



Adams Township Charlie Bill Connall 812-663-7272
Clay Township David Israel 812-663-8952
Clinton Township Ronnie Bruner 812-663-5308
Fugit Township Jim Geis 812-662-8895
Jackson Township Bob Clark 812-591-3686
Marian Township Saundra Fry 812-663-4636
Saltcreek Township Dannie Wenning 812-593-0926
Sandcreek Township Bill Gatewood 812-591-3081
Washington Township James Stuart 812-663-5501
Decatur County Assessor Office 812-663-4868


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