Todd Houk - Highway Superintendent

  • thouk@decaturcounty.in.gov
  • Decatur County Highway Department
    781 E. Base Road
    Greensburg, IN 47240
  • (812) 663-2682
  • (812) 663-6289

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Right-of-Way?

Answer: This is determined on a case by case situation, addressed by the Highway Superintendent.

Does the County Highway clean ditches?

Answer: Yes. Please contact the Highway Department. Cleaning is done on a case by case basis and by priority and circumstances.

Will the county deliver stone to my driveway?

ANSWER: No. The county puts stone on driveways that are school bus turnarounds (SBTA's) and is done at the request of the School System.

Will the county sell culverts?

ANSWER: No. Governmental units such as the County Highway is not allowed to sell to private individuals.

Do we cut trees for county residents?

Answer: No. Not as a tree service. We do, however, remove trees from right-of-way that interfere with drainage and safety to the traveling public. These situations are decided on a case by case basis.

Driveway installations:

Please refer to Driveway Permit Requirements. Contact the County Highway Office.

How do I know what size culvert pipe and/or if I need one?

Answer: Contact the Highway Department, refer to the Driveway Permit Require-ments, or contact the ASC office.

Will you put stone on my road?

Answer: Yes. Please take into consideration weather conditions and highway projects that are currently underway. Please allow a reasonable period of time for request to be met.

Will my road get paved?

Answer: Please contact the Highway Superintendent for information about the paving schedule.


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