Veterans' Services

    Mike Baumgartner - Veterans' Services

  • Decatur County Veterans' Services
    315 South Ireland Street
    Greensburg, IN 47240
  • (812) 663-3161
  • (812) 663-2242

Duties and Responsibilities

The Veterans' Services Office assists veterans in obtaining Federal and State VA benefits. Some of the Federal benefits include compensation, medical, pension, and education. A few of the more relevant State benefits include burial costs, paid education for children, license plates, and tax deductions. We also play an integral part in organizing ceremonies on Memorial Day, Veterans' Day, and Pearl Harbor Day in conjunction with local organizations. The office oversees the distribution of US flags for burials.

Resource Links

If you are looking for information that cannot be found on our website, here is a list of some very helpful and informational websites that may be of some assistance: